Oblita Therapeutics

global health research & development

Who we are

Oblita Therapeutics is a global health research & development company dedicated to the development of new or improved affordable medicines for the treatment of neglected diseases in the world.

Caroline Jansen is the founder of the company in 2016. Her father, MD spec in Internal Medicine (University of Leuven), PhD Biochemistry (University of London) dedicated his life for 40 years to drug development, of which he focused the last 20 years on infectious diseases. As he passed away too soon and too suddenly she wants to finish the open ends of the ongoing research projects.

Having worked as an advisor for the Belgian government on policies affecting the developing world, her heart goes out to the “forgotten” patient groups in these areas who deserve that their unmet medical needs are met. The projects are too promising for not being further developed.

Our motivation

We have a global focus on unmet medical needs and neglected patient groups. We wish to close current therapeutic gaps and improve the quality of life of those suffering from neglected diseases. We believe that neglected patients also deserve the right to access new and better medications.

Oblita Therapeutics’s lead program is focused on the development of a new drug (D121) to treat leishmaniasis, the 9th largest infectious disease burden in the world.

Twelve million people are infected with Leishmania worldwide and an estimated 350 million people are at risk for infection. There are about 2 million new cases and 50,000 deaths each year from leishmaniasis.

How we work

Our goal is to work in the most lean and cost-efficient way by outsourcing or working in partnerships.

Oblita Therapeutics will apply pharmaceutical industry drug development approaches in the setting of neglected diseases. Our strength is to provide project leadership and management, clinical research management and regulatory management, sourcing the balance of the project team skills from (external) expert service providers, no matter where they are located, to match the project.

Closely monitoring the development costs by bringing them down to the lowest level possible but always complying to the highest European GLP, GMP , GCP … standard procedures is the only way forward to result in high quality and affordable drugs for the neglected patients.