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Fungal infections


Health Burden

Fungi infect billions of people every year, yet their contribution to the global burden of disease is largely unrecognised. Most are relatively minor infections, but millions contract diseases that kill at least as many people as tuberculosis or malaria. Although true mortality rates are unknown because of a lack of good epidemiological data, the incidence of invasive fungal infections is rising as a result of modern medical interventions and use of immunosuppressive agents in the treatment of diseases such as AIDS.



There is an urgent unmet medical need for safer and more effective antifungal drugs. which can very well be addressed by oleylphosphocholine.



Convincing in vitro and in vivo preclinical results in fungal infections have been documented, and show the potential of this compound to treat these indications. Oblita Therapeutics also holds a patent on D121 ointment.  Oblita Therapeutics is open for partnerships or out-licencing agreements on OLPC for these indications.