Our commitment

At least 1 billion people – one sixth of the world’s population, or 1 person in 6 – suffer from one or more neglected tropical diseases (NTD’s). Often, those populations most affected are also the poorest and most vulnerable and are found mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Some diseases affect individuals throughout their lives, causing a high degree of morbidity and physical disability and, in certain cases, gross disfigurement. Others are acute infections, with transient, severe and sometimes fatal outcomes. Patients can face social stigmatization and abuse, which only adds to the already heavy health burden.

It is clear that infectious and parasitic diseases create enormous health burdens, but because most of the people suffering from these diseases are poor, little is invested in developing treatments.

This is where Oblita Therapeutics wants to make a difference.


FDA Priority-Review Voucher (PRV) Program

D121 is a new chemical entity eligible to receive a Priority Review Voucher upon its approval for the treatment on Leishmaniasis or another Neglected Tropical Disease.

A complete explanation on how the Priority Review Voucher was borne and how it is used can be found on the following website: www.priorityreviewvoucher.org